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"Have you ever had an idea you wished you could turn into an actual product you can sell because you knew it would help so many people?" 


Join our inventor community where you will learn how to validate your idea, build a prototype, monetize your product before you launch, and protect your idea.

The Heart of Startups is subscription-based community designed to help you turn your ideas into reality by teaching you how to create prototypes, find manufacturers, and build your dream product.

Here's What You Get..

Live Workshops

Access to bi-monthly calls where we will set achievable goals and strategies to guide you to success and answer your burning questions. Each session is recorded, so you can watch as many times as you need.

Private Community App

Support from our private community app where you can engage with other inventors and support each other throughout your inventor journey.

Weekly Challenges 

Guided weekly challenges to quickly move you from an idea to a built prototype.  

What Members Are Saying:

"I'm a midwife and I have so many ideas for products. I started to get overwhelmed until I started this course. Now I am on the way to creating my first product." -Marielle Tomlin

"Your knowledge and expertise in startups and running and sustaining a business is créme de la créme." -Tamiah Bridgett

Here’s a sneak peek at some of what you’ll learn in the community:

Determine whether there is a market for your idea.


Learn how to create your first prototype sketch so that you can begin talking to manufacturers.


Source manufacturers safely so you can know exactly what to look for to avoid getting scammed.


Learn how to communicate with manufacturers to understand if they are truly the best fit for your idea. We make it easy and provide you with email and conversation templates to reduce stress around how to engage. 


Get rid of your limiting beliefs and negative mindset (no more saying, "I can't do this!").


Customer discovery techniques to make sure that you create a product that people will rave about. 

Take Advantage Of Our Proprietary Invention Process:

This program helps you V.A.M.P. your product, which means that you will learn how to:

Validate your idea (is this a good idea and will people buy it?)

Architect your product without getting scammed or losing a bunch of money.

Monetize your idea and get paid for your idea BEFORE it even hits the market.

Protect and produce your idea to fend off copycats and learn how to scale your product.

Our proprietary process is not taught in MBA programs or even at top accelerator programs.

Is this program for you? 


You want that amazing feeling of being known for creating a genius product.


You have an urge to finally build and launch your dream product.


You've tried (and spent money $$$) on hiring expensive consultants but have gotten nowhere.

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Do You Have An Extra $50,000 To Spare?

The average cost to hire a prototyping agency is $50,000!! If you can afford to shell out that much money then this program isn't for you.

However, if you are looking for a community that will motivate, instruct, and guide you through your manufacturing journey at a fraction of the cost of a prototyping agency, then join us today:

Frequently Asked Questions

You want to see results, right? Then you should aim to spend at least 2 hours per week in the community and working on your product invention. I will be there with you every step of the way, but I can only work with what you give me. The more time you can dedicate to your invention, the better. Want extra credit? Then I challenge you to carve out 8 hours per week to work on your product to supercharge your growth.

Do it scared. You will never know what you are capable of until you try. What sounds worse: trying (scared) but knowing that you took a chance on yourself to actualize one of your dreams? Or never knowing what you could accomplish because you were too scared to try? Listen, you don't have to do this alone. That's why a whole community is here to support you and cheer you on along your journey. 

This process is all about learning and finding the right fit for you. Sometimes that means scrapping your original idea and shifting to a new idea. Don't worry, we can help you find another idea if you are stuck.

I have to give you the dreaded answer of 'it depends' BUT your initial prototype(s) should not cost more than $500-$1,000 in materials. We teach you in the community how to make a prototype with a small budget. 

Yes! You really will build a prototype ONLY if you commit to doing the work. If you show up, ask questions, and jump on the calls, you will leave the program with a prototype.

$150/month. That's all you need for unlimited access to a community of fellow inventors and my expertise as a seasoned product inventor. 

No, we don't offer refunds. However, if you want to cancel your membership, you must provide a 30-day notice before cancellation. Email [email protected] for cancellations.

About Dr. Courtney Williamson, CEO

Hi I'm Dr. Courtney Williamson, CEO and Founder of AbiliLife and inventor of Calibrace+. 

I was inspired to design a back brace to help my mom who had Parkinson’s Disease for 25 years. She suffered from back pain and poor posture as a result of her disease. I was frustrated that I could not find any solutions to help my mom, so I set out to create a product that would give her comfort and support. 

After years of research and development with my team at Carnegie Mellon University, I was led to establish the company, AbiliLife, in 2014. The AbiliLife team launched the Calibrace+ back brace that offers unrivaled pain-relief, support, and comfortability, for anyone experiencing back pain. The Calibrace+ was meticulously designed for people who value functionality, high-quality, and demand effectiveness.

My invention dream came true. I took an idea and made it a reality, for millions of people across the globe.

Now I want to help you bring your own ideas into reality.

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